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Welcome to Fall! 5 Ways to Welcome in the New Season

Aah the Fall colours, the changing & falling of the leaves, the cooler weather!! Here is a fun list of ways to welcome Fall/Autumn:

  1. Change your computer’s wallpaper (when’s the last time you changed it?)
  2. Walk around the block (check out the changes in your neighbour’s gardens)
  3. Drink some hot apple cider with a stick of cinnamon…yum!
  4. Switch your soap to a fall type scent ~ pumpkin, cinnamon, caramel apple (check out the yummy soaps at Bath & Body Works)
  5. BACKUP your computer, laptop… to a external drive, memory stick, CD, DVD

What things do you do to welcome in the new season? Please post in the comments section! 😀 thanks!