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Simpson & Associates:

Dear Salma,

I’d like to thank you for two different pieces of work that you have completed for me in the last couple of months.

Firstly, you assisted me with a mail out to clients. All I had to do was give you the name of the software and then you investigated how to go about exporting addresses from the tax software into Excel and then were able to complete a mail merge. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without, and that I thank you.

Secondly, you came to my office to train my assistant on how to use Microsoft Vista, Excel and, I believe Word. He is much more efficient, since you came in and trained him.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for assistance in the above areas, or other areas that you have expertise.


Peter Simpson, CMA
Mind Over Matter:

Dear Salma,

Speedy project completion…
impeccable attention to detail…
thoughtful and courteous service!

…these are just some of the words that come to mind when I think of you, and reflect on our recent business dealings.

Salma, I’d like to thank you for the excellent service you’ve provided my in recording both session notes and compiling a library catalog for my consulting business. Your turnaround time is fantastic, and you’re very easy to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others looking for a virtual assistant.

Again, many thanks for your wonderful service, Salma… it’s been a pleasure dealing with you, and I know will continue to be so in the future!


Deborah Foster-Stahle
President & Executive Consultant


Hi David,

Last Thursday, we had the privilege of receiving a “one-on-one” Microsoft Word training from Salma Burney.

A few of us here are not the most sophisticated computer user and our keyboarding skills are rudimentary.

Our employee, Terry Moore, for which this special course was arranged was a bit overwhelmed as he approached his training day, however, he stated to me that the day was the best skills training experience he ever participated in made so by the effort, attitude and patience of Salma. Not only did he learn more than he expected but he also had fun doing so.

At the end of the day when Terry’s training was completed, I requested to speak with Salma to find out if she could assist me with a few Excel spreadsheet “obstacles” which I have been trying to correct for a very long time. Salma took the time and was so helpful that we now have a spreadsheet that actually works !!!

I would like to say that Salma is a tremendous asset to your training firm and hope we are fortunate enough to have her as our “technical” expert in the future. She deserves an A+.

Ginette Stirrup
Project Lead, Classification Review
Ministry of Finance
Human Resources Branch

I first met Salma when I bought a “Virtual Girl Friday-Computer Lessons” CD in a Silent auction in 2007. She has given me basic computer lessons, power point lessons and excel lessons. She has taught me how to back up files and burn CD’s. She has helped me with organizing my mailing database including mail merging my address label for printing envelopes.

She set my life up on Outlook two years ago and recently guided me in retrieving my Outlook calendar out of archives for a government audit. I have her booked yet again, this time to assist me in properly setting up and navigating my Face Book and LinkedIn profiles.

Salma is one of those people that I can’t live without. She is always a “life saver” for me and because I am still so challenged with technology. I plan to keep her close to me and my business.

Thank you, Salma, for your extreme knowledge and guidance the last 2½ years. You have made a real difference in my business.”
Jacqueline Paradisi, Universal Concepts